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It looks like Kristina had a mega-seizure during my vacation. She has had seizures in the past, but is drugged to the hilt to stop them from happening. This has worked for a year and a half. The unfortunate side effect of the drugs is that she isn't playful anymore. This could also be the fact that she is 15 years old. Hard to tell one way or the other.

Wednesday (12/30) she was bad after I got home from picking her up at the kennel - unstable, lost in the house, lost outside, and generally confused. Thursday (12/31) she was still bad so we went to the vet in the morning - seizure or stroke was the theory - give her 24-48 hours and see what happens. She also appears to be completely blind. The vet said this may improve with time. Her vision wasn't great before this, but it functioned enough to navigate without any major issues. It also doesn't help that both eyes are full of green goo from an eye infection. Hopefully the antibiotic eye drops will help with that part of the problem.

But things did improve. Friday (1/1) she was more oriented in the house, and actually went outside and got back inside without help. Today (Sat, 1/2) she is still off-balance, and somewhat lost. The dining room table is a mass of nope - chair legs, chair stringers, table legs, it is easy to get stuck in there.
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You are The Hierophant

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Email Spam

Sep. 7th, 2011 08:52 am
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Email account User

Due to recent trace by our admin staff, we have noticed that different
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Very bold. They want my current password AND my future password. Unfortunately I bet some people will actually send it to them.
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Mourning the death of Mistress Kiri (Elaine Koogler/Minowara Kiritsubo) of Barony of Dun Carraig, Kingdom of Atlantia. She passed away last night (3/16/2011).

She was one of the many wonderful people that Michaele introduced me to and that I spent time working with in the kitchens of Atlantia. The world was a better place for having her and I am a better person for knowing her.

My heart goes out to her husband Phillip (Jim Garm) at his loss.
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Happy Birthday to [info]rhiannon14.
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Like everyone else has said already, please DO NOT cross-post me to Facebook or Twitter. Most of my posts on LJ are locked, some to different filter groups, and there are reasons for that. I have a Facebook account, but what I put on it is generally quite different from what I put here on LJ, and there are reasons for that also.

For my part, I will not be cross-posting anything from your LJ to Facebook, with the possible exception of funny videos, LOLcats or other similar internet detritus (and in any case, I won't attribute it to anyone on LJ when I do).
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Fun with Spam. This showed up this morning in my mail. The javascript: commands were in plaintext.

Good Day,i sent you an email before now on behalf of my our Late client Mrs. Lolita javascript: beforeSubmit(); DoSubmit(document.composeform)
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We got snow. I woke up to about 1 ft of new snow. Nice, heavy snow. Lots of it (At least relative to the relatively lame, local 2009/2010 season). After looking out the back and front windows, I decided that snow blowing the driveway and clearing a path off the deck before taking a shower and going to work would be a good plan. So I did that. I did notice that the street had not been plowed, but that there was a reasonable track up the hill in the center of the road.

I fed dogs, and sent them out the back door onto the shoveled path on the deck. The sides of the path was deeper than they were tall, and the snow was relatively soft. This meant that they sunk into the snow when they attempted to leave the shoveled path on the deck. They were not real pleased about this fact and milled about in the shoveled path on the deck trying to decide what to do. Peeing on the deck is a standard winter thing, so that part had already been accomplished I broke down and put my snow boots back on and made them a short path out into the yard. Tonight I will put on the snow shoes and make a much bigger path for them.

Obligatory pictures of dogs in the snow.

I made it to work despite being forced off the beaten path in front of my house by the snowplows.

The road had not been plowed, but there was a nice track up the middle of the road. But I met the town snow plow coming down, so I yielded to them and ended up stuck. They were nice enough to angle the plow blade in the other direction when the passed me going back up the hill.

I got a better snow shovel from my garage and dug out some. My neighbor was able to pull just enough with his truck to break me free. My glasses fogged up on the way up the street so I drove without till the top. When cleaning them, I popped a lens out but I got it back in. The main road is plowed and clear so it was off to work. A couple minutes later I wondered if I had closed the garage door after getting the snow shovel. Back home. Door was closed. Back out toward work. Got to work without any excitement - 40/45 MPH on the highway, it's only a 10 mile drive on all highway (going against the major traffic flow). Company roads and parking lots are horrible. Parked behind a truck with a plow who plowed out his own parking space. In to work. Had Bagels (It's Friday after all). Half of the group had called in and are "working from home".

The sound suppression system that keeps the noise from the ventilation system is apparently broken as now all I hear is a low rumbling from the vents.

It is still snowing quite nicely outside.

Apparently the world is telling me to go home. I just might have to take it up on that.
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Shelley Stone / Michaele Del Vaga Shelley Stone / Michaele Del Vaga

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Here are some pictures from Heralds and Scribes where Roberta McMorland got elevated to the Order of the Laurel.

Roberta McMorland gets her Laurel
Roberta McMorland gets her Laurel
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I bought a new 'refrig on Friday.

Not there is really anything wrong with the existing 'refrig except that it's 25+ years old and not very energy efficient at this point.

NYS is running a rebate for new large appliances and I thought it was time. They will give me $105 if I buy a new EnergyStar complient refrig and recycle the old one. It would be a great deal if my fridge was actually broken or failing in some way other than simply using more energy than a new one.

Refrigerators are frigging expensive. The bottom of the line starts at about $800. The fancy ones are up well over $2K, and there really isn't a lot of true differences between them. A couple of different styles - top freeze, bottom freeze, side-by-side, and a new french door style. Options - ice/water in door or not, ice maker in freezer or not. Stainless-steel or painted metal. And quite honestly, that is it. There are some minor variations is size (18 to 26 CF), and a couple counter-depth ones.

The real difference is in height. Some of them are over 6 ft tall. Most of them are over 69" tall. The cabinet that my existing 'refrig is under is 69 1/2" from the ground so that puts a big limit on choices.

I ended up buying a Kenmore, bottom freezer with an ice maker. It's actually relatively similar to the existing Kenmore. I considered ones with ice / water in the door but they were an incremental +$400. It's a nice feature, but the current methodology seems to worked OK for the last 20 years. It's hard enough justifying this purchase although it will be nice to not hear the 'refrig every 20 minutes.

I bought it Friday evening and spent all of the night toss-and-turning and not sleeping worrying about if I made a good choice. I'll let you know in 20 years.

Everybody was worried about the appliance rebate selling out immediately so stores opened early Friday and Saturday. Sears was open at 6am. There was lots of action Friday at 8pm, but absolutely nothing at 10:30am on Saturday. Apparently there was no need to worry. As of now they have reserved up only 12% of the $15.8M allocated to the program.

Update 2/16/2010:
I canceled the order. I spent a few sleepless nights pondering this purchase and finally decided that I didn't like it. If I'm going to get a new 'fridge, I want Ice and Water in the door as an improvement to the existing 'fridge. The improved energy efficiency would be real nice, however the comment from people at work about the life expectancy of new 'fridges was depressing (<10years). I will wait until this one dies before I go into this adventure again.
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We watched "Julie and Julia" last night for Project night.

The movie was very good, cutting between scenes of Julia Child's life and Julie's life as she cooked out of "Mastering the Art of French Cooking".

The extras on the disk kept me up till WAY past my bedtime - a piece on Julia's life, a piece on the Smithsonian's acquisition of Julia kitchen, lots of extras.

Unfortunately it's a NetFlix disk so it had to go back to keep up my stream of movies. I may just have to buy this one.
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Merry Christmas.

Happy and safe travels for everybody that is traveling.


Dec. 1st, 2009 07:26 am
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We got snow.

It's not a lot of snow, but it is the first snow of the season at my house and the first snow that actually stuck. It's about 1/2" deep and the dogs love it.

This means the house will be transitioning from full of leftover leaves to full of small wet puddles, or small wet spots on the sofa from snow melt.

Oh Well, it only lasts 7 or 8 months and then we go to the season of wet muddy footprints.
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Happy Birthdat [ profile] cuilen_mac!!!
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] lumineaux
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The first field trip was sunrise (of course) at Hemlock Lake, followed by breakfast and then Stonybrook State Park.

Seeing as the prior day was spent at AEthelmearc's Fall Crown Tourney and I didn't get home till after 11pm, I wasn't much interested at getting up a 6am to meet everybody so I slept in.

I skipped meeting people and carpooling and skipped Hemlock Lake and drove down to Stonybrook State park in Dansville (~60 miles). I left Rochester after a decent sunrise (7:30am) and headed down 390 to Dansville. I drove through a couple of miles of low, dense fog hoping for something decent when I got to Stonybrook. I thought about stopping in the fog, but was on the wrong side of the divided highway to get decent pictures of anything (without a whole lot of boring black asphalt in the way). I did think about an illegal U-Turn but decided to simply head down to Stonybrook and see what was happening down there. StonyBrook was partly fogged in and there was nobody there. It was kind of nice being alone in the park. I shot some pictures in the fog and then headed into the gorge. It was less than productive as it was still pretty dark (in the greater scheme of things). As the day warmed up and the sun came through more interesting things started to happen. I stayed till about 11am and then headed back home having gotten some pictures and the issue of dealing with a brain with not enough sleep overwhelmed the creative urges.

Some of the pictures worked, and some of them didn't. The album as the best of the set.
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Here are my picures from Harvest Raid.

Yes, it is the full set. No I'm not going to filter them down. Yes, if you want an image let me know and I will send you the full size image. If you don't want an image in there, let me know...
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