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Work has been hellaciously busy as everything that we are working on is broken and late in it's delivery.  The management that made up the hopelessly aggressive schedules are being cranky because they got caught by unexpected problems and might be forced to slip their precious schedules.

My yard is a mess because the weeds have overtaken the gardens - partially caused by doing too much stuff in the last two months.  I am slowly fighting back the weeds, but it's a slow process.  But the mulch pile in the driveway is slowly shrinking as the flower beds get cleared out and re-mulched. If the weather cooperates, I am going to nuke a big chunk of the front flower bed as it is mostly weeds and not a lot of flowers.  The front bed is hard to maintain as it is large and currently fairly sparsely populated.  It has taken a lot of abuse since it was created.  It is hard to get weeds out of a perennial garden as you can not simply roto-till the whole mess at the beginning of the season.

I am way behind on pictures - I have not posted the pictures from AE War Practice or the couple of sessions from the Photography class in May.

On the other hand I have been working on is rebuilding my library catalog using "".  My old database was hopelessly out of data and entering books into the database was tedious.  This is a pretty cool site that allows you to create an online catalog of books simply by scanning the ISBN Barcode or manually entering the ISBN or other ID. It looks up the books through a variety of online sources -, Library of Congress, ....  and stores the information online.  You can download the data into a file on your PC to manipulate or save.  An interesting feature is TAGs.  This is simply text that you attach to a book. Then you can search by tags in additional to the usual author, title.  TAGs are shared across the entire database of everybodies books. It's a cooperative / community book library. You can also lookup what other people are using as identifying tags or who else has the same book.  An interesting feature is the "who else has books in your library" feature.  It's pretty easy to pick out Scadiens in the catalog as most of the library that I have entered is SCA interest books - medieval cooking references, historical metalworking, medieval costuming, etc...  

The basic membership is free and it gets you the ability to catalog 200 books.  A lifetime membership is $25 which gets you an unlimited number of books, forever (or until the site goes belly-up).  They also sell an inexpensive barcode scanner for $15.01 (USB CueCat) which is a bit goofy, but it works pretty well.  All in all, it's a pretty cheap adventure into learning what books you actually own.

My library is .  It's currently about 750 books and I have not hit the books in the loft, just the books on the first floor and the guest bedroom.  The living room accounts for about half of those book, and they are either SCA related or cookbooks.


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