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My Pictures from Summer's End.

Yes, it is the full set. No I'm not going to filter them down. Yes, if you want an image let me know and I will send you the full size image. If you don't want an image in there, let me know...
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] chamfron!!
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Modeling zombie outbreaks: the math doesn't look good. "When Zombies
Attack!: Mathematical Modelling of an Outbreak of Zombie Infection."
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I'm home.
I've been home for a couple of hours.
I've hauled some of the stuff out of the van, but nothing really unpacked.
The dogs are happy. Simon is snoring on the sofa and Kristina is sleeping by my feet.

Tomorrow's projects - get the car unloaded.
Wash the canvas and set it up to dry.
Go to Lenscrafters and get my glasses adjusted - the right side ear thingy is out of whack and they don't stay on if I look down.
Unpack some more...
Wash and comb the dogs - they are somewhat dirty after their grooming was somewhat ignored for two weeks. Yes, I know I can get the kennel to do it, but they only wash and comb, not trim (or actually groom). I had plans to take them to my regular groomer today, after getting home yesterday but an uncooperative vehicle forced a one day delay.
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] rani123 !!
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Driving an 18 wheeler is tougher than it appears.

The Top Gear team takes on the challenge...

I stumbled on it on TV, then looked for it online. The full program repeats tonight at 11pm.

EDIT - Fix program time - 11pm, not midnight.
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Today's Yahoo news contains this news item:

"Wife fought off Pa. man killed in shootout".

"Hobbled by a broken ankle, the estranged wife of a man killed in a shootout with Pennsylvania state troopers managed to fight him off as he threatened her with a gun before he kidnapped their 9-year-old son, the woman's friend said."

Sure sounds like a Zombie attack to me...

The complete story is here:
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1. Anyone who looks at this entry please post this meme and their current wallpaper at their LiveJournal.
2. Explain in five sentences why you're using that wallpaper.
3. Don't change your wallpaper before doing this! The point is to see what you had on.

This is my favorite picture of Simon. He was so happy. He was outside and the lawn was mowed the day before and the grass was wet and he picked it up and was about to trash the entire house with grass clippings. I let him in, dried his feet and went to work. There was nothing that I could realistically do about it.
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I went to the "Roc City Rib Fest" ( at the Charlotte Beach park for dinner. The festival runs Saturday and Sunday.

The place was packed.

Good News: I got a chicken BBQ to eat there and a full rack of ribs for lunch and dinner tomorrow. I got them from "Smoke Shack Rib", who are out of Ohio. The chicken was really good and I ate a couple of the ribs already - they are awesome. It did take forever to get the food, but I had beer so it was OK.

Bad News: Parking and traffic was nightmarish. The main lots by the park and ferry terminal were completely full. Crusing around resulted in simply following other cars looking for parking. I finally ended up parking in a soccer field across for the bathhouse and up some. It was not too bad. On the way out I made a bad choice and attempted to go up Lake Ave. 20 minutes to get from the corner at before Abbotts to a side road that I could abort and head west before getting onto the OSP and heading back east to home. The traffic coming out of the ferry terminal parking lots does not have traffic lights, so they were filling the road as the people on Lake Ave sat at the traffic lights as they cycled from green to red and back again. The Lake Ave traffic might get one or two cars though the intersection before the light turned red again. Bad news.

Lake Ave at this point is only one lane in either direction, so it simply does not have the volume to handle the outbound traffic.

This site is NOT set up for a large festival, and I do not want to think about how bad the traffic is going to be for the Air Show coming up shortly.
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I just got 4 yards of wood chip mulch delivered to redo the flower beds.

Kristina has been outside for 30 seconds and she has rolled in it and is covered in mulch.

It's going to be a very long weekend...
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I got a bread machine a couple of days ago, so today's breakfast was freshly baked bread, eggs and OJ.

The bread came out good. It's just a generic white bread, but it came out with a nice crust and nice texture.
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Extracted one chunk of Iris from Front Flower Bed.
Disassembled chunk into about 30 pieces.
Updated one of the south side flower beds with new topsoil and peat moss.
Installed about 20 of the Irises into that bed.
Assembled Grill.
Washed out Garage.
Got meat for dinner.
Deployed Hammock.
Found beer in 'Fridge.
Found book in bedroom.
Feed Dogs.
Departing for Hammock. NOW.

R&R Commencing.
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] drd_pyrat
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Here is a link to my pictures from yesterday's AEthelmearc Coronation of Maynard and Liadain.

The day's events also included the elevation of Sir, Mistress, Duchess Rowan de la Garnison to the Order of the Laurel.
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Dinner was Matzo Ball Soup.

From the Manischewitz mix.

The soup was not as good has Harriet's but pretty good for 5 minutes of work over a 40 minute period.

And there is enough for Tomorrow's dinner.

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Friday and Saturday it rained and rained and rained.

Around Christmas I noticed a water stain in the guest bedroom but was unsure of it's source. The water marks were below the DWV vent pipe in the roof, but there was nothing obvious in the attice to point to a cause. Determination would have to wait for some rain. And we got it yesterday. I was unable to determine if the vent pipe itself was leaking or if the flashing around the vent pipe was leaking. (I have another vent pipe that leaks because it was not glued together properly, and I'm still fighting with that one)

Yesterday I went into the attic and determined that it was not the vent pipe at all, it was the flue for the furnace/water heater. The water dripped down the pipe, collected on the insulation and rolled down the insulation until it hit the seam and then it leaked out.

I'm not real keen on heights and roofs, so I will farm this project out to a roofer to make the required repairs. And get a quote on a re-roof jobs. It's been 19 years on this roof, so it is about due.

Because of the rain, the yard is a soggy mess so although it is reasonably nice outside today, I am playing inside. I did take the dogs for a walk as the driveway and roads are dry. They appreciated the walk and are still outside basking in the sun. You have to enjoy it when you can.
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Tonight's Dinner was going to be a Shrimp Stir fry of some form.

The 70+ degree weather has forced a menu change.

It's grilling time.

Rib Eye's on the grill, with baked potatoes and salad.

I might just bring the table and chairs up from the basement for the deck.


Mar. 20th, 2009 11:54 pm
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The finale was awesome.
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