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It looks like Kristina had a mega-seizure during my vacation. She has had seizures in the past, but is drugged to the hilt to stop them from happening. This has worked for a year and a half. The unfortunate side effect of the drugs is that she isn't playful anymore. This could also be the fact that she is 15 years old. Hard to tell one way or the other.

Wednesday (12/30) she was bad after I got home from picking her up at the kennel - unstable, lost in the house, lost outside, and generally confused. Thursday (12/31) she was still bad so we went to the vet in the morning - seizure or stroke was the theory - give her 24-48 hours and see what happens. She also appears to be completely blind. The vet said this may improve with time. Her vision wasn't great before this, but it functioned enough to navigate without any major issues. It also doesn't help that both eyes are full of green goo from an eye infection. Hopefully the antibiotic eye drops will help with that part of the problem.

But things did improve. Friday (1/1) she was more oriented in the house, and actually went outside and got back inside without help. Today (Sat, 1/2) she is still off-balance, and somewhat lost. The dining room table is a mass of nope - chair legs, chair stringers, table legs, it is easy to get stuck in there.

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Poor puppy. Hugs and sympathy.

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Just seeing this now, unfortunately. *hugs* to you both.


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