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We got snow. I woke up to about 1 ft of new snow. Nice, heavy snow. Lots of it (At least relative to the relatively lame, local 2009/2010 season). After looking out the back and front windows, I decided that snow blowing the driveway and clearing a path off the deck before taking a shower and going to work would be a good plan. So I did that. I did notice that the street had not been plowed, but that there was a reasonable track up the hill in the center of the road.

I fed dogs, and sent them out the back door onto the shoveled path on the deck. The sides of the path was deeper than they were tall, and the snow was relatively soft. This meant that they sunk into the snow when they attempted to leave the shoveled path on the deck. They were not real pleased about this fact and milled about in the shoveled path on the deck trying to decide what to do. Peeing on the deck is a standard winter thing, so that part had already been accomplished I broke down and put my snow boots back on and made them a short path out into the yard. Tonight I will put on the snow shoes and make a much bigger path for them.

Obligatory pictures of dogs in the snow.

I made it to work despite being forced off the beaten path in front of my house by the snowplows.

The road had not been plowed, but there was a nice track up the middle of the road. But I met the town snow plow coming down, so I yielded to them and ended up stuck. They were nice enough to angle the plow blade in the other direction when the passed me going back up the hill.

I got a better snow shovel from my garage and dug out some. My neighbor was able to pull just enough with his truck to break me free. My glasses fogged up on the way up the street so I drove without till the top. When cleaning them, I popped a lens out but I got it back in. The main road is plowed and clear so it was off to work. A couple minutes later I wondered if I had closed the garage door after getting the snow shovel. Back home. Door was closed. Back out toward work. Got to work without any excitement - 40/45 MPH on the highway, it's only a 10 mile drive on all highway (going against the major traffic flow). Company roads and parking lots are horrible. Parked behind a truck with a plow who plowed out his own parking space. In to work. Had Bagels (It's Friday after all). Half of the group had called in and are "working from home".

The sound suppression system that keeps the noise from the ventilation system is apparently broken as now all I hear is a low rumbling from the vents.

It is still snowing quite nicely outside.

Apparently the world is telling me to go home. I just might have to take it up on that.
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