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The first field trip was sunrise (of course) at Hemlock Lake, followed by breakfast and then Stonybrook State Park.

Seeing as the prior day was spent at AEthelmearc's Fall Crown Tourney and I didn't get home till after 11pm, I wasn't much interested at getting up a 6am to meet everybody so I slept in.

I skipped meeting people and carpooling and skipped Hemlock Lake and drove down to Stonybrook State park in Dansville (~60 miles). I left Rochester after a decent sunrise (7:30am) and headed down 390 to Dansville. I drove through a couple of miles of low, dense fog hoping for something decent when I got to Stonybrook. I thought about stopping in the fog, but was on the wrong side of the divided highway to get decent pictures of anything (without a whole lot of boring black asphalt in the way). I did think about an illegal U-Turn but decided to simply head down to Stonybrook and see what was happening down there. StonyBrook was partly fogged in and there was nobody there. It was kind of nice being alone in the park. I shot some pictures in the fog and then headed into the gorge. It was less than productive as it was still pretty dark (in the greater scheme of things). As the day warmed up and the sun came through more interesting things started to happen. I stayed till about 11am and then headed back home having gotten some pictures and the issue of dealing with a brain with not enough sleep overwhelmed the creative urges.

Some of the pictures worked, and some of them didn't. The album as the best of the set.


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